Warning and Proper Use

a.     Do not put on your shoes during your exercise, and please do exercise barefoot or with only socks on. If you put on your shoes when your exercise, the life of your mat can be shortened dramatically.

b.    Please do exercise on flat ground as much as possible.

c.     If the mat is not fully unfolded, sensing may not work properly.

d.     If you damage to the mat with sharp objects such as scissors or a knife, it may cause that the life of the mat may be shortened.

e.     If you do exercise outside, please be careful stones or sharp objects which may puncture the mat.

f.      Do not spill liquid on the case, mat or band. It may cause product failure.

g.     Do not wash the mat or band with washing machine or immerse the mat in liquid. It may cause product failure.

h.     Do not place heavy objects on the mat for a long time because it may cause product failure.

i.      Please be careful the case part because the case which is made by plastic may be easily broken. If the case is broken and damages the circuit, it may cause product failure.

j.      Do not step on the case hard. If you step on the case hard while exercising, it may be a risk of injury.

k.     Please keep cleanness the charging port. If a lot of dust accumulates on the charging port, it may cause product malfunction. Please use a cotton swab or a dry cloth for cleaning.

l.      If there are sweat or liquid on the mat, please wipe the mat with a dry cloth before you exercise.

m.   Before you exercise, make sure the mat is fixed on the floor. If the floor is slippery or has low friction, the mat cannot be fixed during exercise. If the mat is not fixed, it may cause injury.

n.     Even if the mat stick on the floor well, the mat can be slide if the exercise is intense. Please exercise with caution.

o.     Please be careful if the case is broken, you may be injured by pieces of the case or broken case.

p.     Please be careful when you keep the mat standing. The case can cause bruises when the mat falls over.

q.     Do not let children to put the mat or band in their mouths.

r.      If children use the mat or band, please use it together with a parent.

s.     Please charge the mat or band with certified charger.

t.      Do not use flammable objects near the mat. Due to the nature of the material, it is prone to static electricity.

u.     Do not allow your pets on the mat because your pet's claws or teeth can damage the case, mat and band.

v.     Do not put pressure or apply heat on the case. The built-in battery in case may explode if subjected to strong shock, pressure, or heat to the case.

w.    Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.

x.     Do not put the mat or band in washing machine or Oven. It may cause exploding.

y.     If you are in heart disease, problem with respiratory, pregnant, or any health issues, please discuss with your doctor before start exercising.

z.     Do warm-up before your workouts and stretch enough after finish the exercise to avoid injury.

aa.   Please exercise at your own pace and choose right level which is provided by the MATIV instructor in the video contents. If you think following the video is unreasonable, stop exercising immediately to avoid injury.

bb.  MATIV do not provide any medical information & health guide to users. All information provided by MATIV is used only for entertainment purpose. Moreover, MATIV also do not provide any medical information and health guide to MATIV instructors. We inform that the information which is provided by MATIV instructors is instructor’s individual opinion.

cc.   MATIV is not engaged in rendering medical or professional services.

dd.  Do not damage the battery with sharp or pointed objects. It may cause fire or explosion.

ee.   Do not incinerate/disassemble/separate the mat or band when you discard it. It may cause that the battery may explode.

ff.     You should read the entire user manual before use the mat or band ‘Omolle’ will not take any responsibility for any problems that arise from not reading the user manual.

gg.  In case of malfunction, be sure to contact customer service. The user is responsible for any problems that arise from disassembling and repairing the product arbitrarily.

hh.  The sensor may fail if used by user over 440 lb.

ii.     Do not remove the cable during firmware update. It may cause to damage the device’s software. If you remove the cable intentionally or accidentally, we recommend update again from the beginning.

jj.     In addition to the above precautions (warnings & cautions), if it is determined that there is a risk of damage or injury to use the product, stop using it and contact support@omolle.com.